Previous Years English Questions for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2017

SSC CGL 2017 Tier-I exam is going on. These questions are based on the type of English questions asked in the SSC CGL Exam. Candidates having CGL Exam in the upcoming shifts can go through these questions and can expect these questions to be asked in upcoming shifts as well.

Directions (1-15): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences.

Q1. One who lives and works for the welfare of others.
(a) altruist
(b) saint
(c) recluse
(d) anarchist

Q2. One who physically travels in space.
(a) astronaut
(b) recipient
(c) mystic
(d) patriot

Q3. One who lives alone and avoids others.
(a) recluse
(b) sanity
(c) native
(d) alien

Q4. One who doubts the soundness of inferences.
(a) ascetic
(b) hermit
(c) aesthetic
(d) sceptic

Q5. Fluent speaker of many languages.
(a) emissary
(b) polyglot
(c) curator
(d) cannibal

Q6. One who is beyond reform
(a) Optimistic
(b) Incorrigible
(c) Indefatigable
(d) Notorious

Q7. Science of diseases
(a) Philology
(b) Pathology
(c) Psychology
(d) Virology

Q8. Killing of a king.
(a) genocide
(b) regicide
(c) patricide
(d) homicide

Q9. Lover of women.
(a) philogynist
(b) philogamist
(c) philomuse
(d) misogynist

Q10. One who totally abstains from alcoholic drink.
(a) interlocutor
(b) teetotaller
(c) analogy
(d) fossil

Q11. One who eats both vegetables and meat
(a) Omnivorous
(b) Vegivores
(c) Herbivorous
(d) Carnivorous

Q12. Group of people living together in the same locality.
(a) Neighborhood
(b) Crowd
(c) Communism
(d) Public

Q13. The height of an object above sea level
(a) Altitude
(b) Certitude
(c) Latitude
(d) Longitude

Q14. Something that is difficult to believe
(a) Inevitable
(b) Incredible
(c) Suspension
(d) Possibility

Q15. Government of the people, by the people and for the people
(a) Plutocracy
(b) Aristocracy
(c) Autocracy
(d) Democracy

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