Dear Students, English section of CGL Tier-2 Exam is very challenging. You need to mug up all the grammar rules, vocabulary and practice a lot of mock tests to score maximum marks. Today, in this English quiz we are providing questions based on One Word Substitutions. Attempt this quiz, learn better and be prepared for the CGL Tier-2 2017. Follow our study plan and be better prepared for the SSC CGL Exam.

Directions (1-15): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences.

Q1. Medicine used to calm or pacify 
(a) hypnotic 
(b) antiseptic 
(c) tranquillizer 
(d) fusion

Q2. Murder of a king 
(a) butchery 
(b) regicide 
(c) slaughter 
(d) infanticide 

Q3. Hater of learning and knowledge 
(a) misologist 
(b) posologist 
(c) syllogize 
(d) zoologist 

Q4. The intentional destruction of a human foetus in the uterus (infant in womb)  
(a) noticed 
(b) fortitude 
(c) poetized 
(d) foeticide 

Q5. Account of a person’s life written by himself 
(a) confession 
(b) autobiography 
(c) adventures 
(d) portrayal 

Q6. Power of reading of thoughts or mind of others  
(a) kiosk 
(b) philosophy 
(c) telepathy 
(d) attitude 

Q7. Killing of a human being 
(a) torpedo 
(b) enforcer 
(c) homicide 
(d) hominy 

Q8. Something occurring at irregular intervals in time or occasionally 
(a) regular 
(b) sporadic 
(c) dependable 
(d) typical 

Q9. Person who knows or can speak many languages 
(a) ankle biter 
(b) juvenile 
(c) polyglot 
(d) sprout 

Q10. Disease prevalent in a particular locality 
(a) contented 
(b) limited 
(c) endemic 
(d) alien 

Q11. Direct vote of all the selectors of the state  
(a) plebiscite 
(b) pledge 
(c) plenary 
(d) poetized 

Q12. A person who can use both hands with equal facility 
(a) ambidextrous 
(b) dual handler 
(c) equal-handy 
(d) super hand 

Q13. Medicine that loosens that bowels 
(a) tummy loosened 
(b) bowel loosened 
(c) tummy relaxant 
(d) laxative 

Q14. Person who is interest in antiquities 
(a) antiquarian 
(b) internalities 
(c) antiquities 
(d) antiquity-boy 

Q15. A speech made by a speaker for the first time in a particular gathering 
(a) composer 
(b) nonpeak 
(c) primary speak 
(d) maiden speech