Dear Students, English section of CGL Tier-2 Exam is very challenging. You need to gird up your loins to score maximum marks.Today, in this English quiz we are providing One Word Substitution  Quiz holding a captivating weightage of 12 questions.Attempt this quiz, learn new words to substitute and impetus yourself for all the upcoming exams regarding English Section.Practice new words effectively in just a needed time and prepare for the CGL Tier-2 2017. We wish you good luck for the CGL Exam.

Directions (1-15): In these questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.  

Q1. Misappropriation of money 
(a) Embezzlement
(b) Foreman
(c) Sojourn
(d) Extempore

Q2. Providing relief 
(a) Erudition
(b) Reprieve
(c) Obituary
(d) Novice

Q3. Act of stealing in small quantity
(a) Occidental
(b) Honorary
(c) Pilferages
(d) Proselyte

Q4. A person’s particular habit.   
(a) Idiosyncrasy
(b) Pestle
(c) Flicker
(d) Stoic

Q5. A container for the ashes of dead person.
(a) Urn
(b) Juxtapose
(c) Matinee
(d) Lease

Q6. An exact copy  
(a) Curator
(b) Facsimile
(c) Arsonist
(d) Feint

Q7. A particular method of working  
(a) Modus Operandi
(b) Samaritan
(c) Improvident
(d) Parboil

Q8. Accidental good fortune  
(a) Altruist
(b) Fluke
(c) Expurgate
(d) Propensity

Q9. Take great pleasure. 
(a) Revel
(b) Excerpt
(c)  Recluse.
(d) Fusillade.

Q10. A list of passengers and luggage. 
(a) Usurer
(b) Pedant
(c) Waybill
(d) Parvenu

Q11. To officially take private property to seize. 
(a) Sinecure
(b) Mercenary
(c) Monopoly
(d) Confiscate

Q12. An emolument over and above fixed salary. 
(a) Stowaway
(b) Perquisite
(c) Destitute
(d) Bottleneck

Q13. A highly skilled musician   
(a) Virtuoso
(b) Indignant
(c) Chauffeur
(d) Moor

Q14. No longer in existence or use. 
(a) Sabotage
(b) Obsolete
(c) Plagiarist
(d) Symbiosis

Q15. A handsome man. 
(a) Adonis
(b) Composites
(c) Cynic
(d) Gullible

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