Vocabulary section is of utmost importance in any Competitive Exam and in facing up daily life practices as well. SSC Exam is no exception, this part plays even more vital role in scoring at least a sufficient outcome. As the saying is Practice Makes A Man Perfect,it is must to apply the same on here. Practising these questions will definitely help you to hold a required grip and in learning the important vocabulary effectively. Idioms and Phrases is an important part of Vocabulary Section and holds a captivating weightage ,so don't take these on a light note and be prepared for even the tricky questions.

Directions (1-15): Four alternatives are given for the Idioms/Phrase printed in bold. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of Idiom/Phrase. 

Q1. Whole bag of tricks,
Make use of the best resources from the ones that are available.
Make use of all the possibilities or techniques to achieve something.
Make use of all opportunities that cross your path.
Make use of all tricks to win the hearts of people.

Q2. Dog eat dog.
Very vigilant
Steady manager
Ruthlessly competitive.
Hostile and unhelpful.

Q3. Wrangle over an ass’s shadow.
To do unnecessary work.
To behave like fools.
Sit on the shadow of the ass.
Quarrel over trifles

Q4. Puts by
To save
To lose
Give away
To spend carefully

Q5. The gnomes of Zurich.
Witch craft of Zurich
Foreign leaders
Big International bankers.
Guardians of treasure.

Q6. Vote with one’s feet.
To kick someone out
To show disapproval.
To stop someone from speaking
To choose someone as leader.

Q7. God’s acre
A cemetery beside a Church

Q8. Palm off
Clearly visible
Uneasy with something
To dispose off with the intent to deceive

Q9. Wipe the nose of
To Abuse
To Cheat
To Slap
To pull the nose.

Q10. Make a beeline
To go online
To rush
To be doubtful
To refuse

Q11. Not playing with a full deck
Someone who lacks intelligence
Someone who is injurious
Not playing any game
Get compatible

Q12. Wide off the mark

Q13. Pull no punches.
To speak politely
To speak frankly
To speak rudely.
To speak sweetly.

Q14. Pay on the nail.
To pay after a long time.
To pay small amount.
To pay nothing.
To pay promptly.

Q15. Out of sorts.
Not rich
Out of reach
Out of sight
Not well.