Previous Year Questions : SSC CHSL

Dear Students,

English section is an integral part of SSC Exams and it is just round the corner. This is also a section that is feared by most of the candidates.Though the sheer number of concepts and rules may seem intimidating at first, with discipline and the right approach, it is not difficult to master these concepts and their application to questions. SSC CGL Tier 2 exam holds an appreciating weightage of 200 marks which is enough to know the importance of this Section in govt exams.Now SSC CHSL Exam is the next target for the aspirants.You need to gird up your loins to score maximum marks.Today, in this English quiz we are providing 15 Tricky One Word Substitution Questions asked in any govt exam. To make you learn important grammar rules effectively and at an apt time is the motive behind the provided quiz. Attempt this quiz and prepare yourself flawlessly. We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.

Directions(1-15): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the phrase.

Q1 To divide by cutting or slicing, especially suddenly and forcibly.
(a) To detach
(b) To bisect
(c) To sever
(d) To dissect

Q2. To proclaim widely or loudly.
(a) To trumpet
(b) To herald
(c) To mainfest
(d) To blazon

Q3. A dramatic entertainment, in which performers express through gestures
(a) Mimicry
(b) Ham
(c) Pantomime
(d) Depiction

Q4. An organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
(a) Conglomerate
(b) Donation
(c) Charity
(d) Dole

Q5. To jump or dance around excitedly.
(a) To cavort
(b) To sulk
(c) To frisk
(d) Antic

Q6. A piece of living tissue that is transplanted surgically.
(a) Hybrid
(b) Bud
(c) Scion
(d) Graft

Q7. Wide in range or effect.
(a) Sweeping
(b) Exaggerate
(c) Exclusive
(d) Superficial

Q8. To delay or prevent someone or something by obstructing them
(a) To perturb
(b) To impede
(c) To irk
(d) To faze

Q9. A state of stunned confusion or bewilderment
(a) Snarl
(b) Maze
(c) Daze
(d) Paradox

Q10. The action of making amends for a wrong one has done
(a) Reparation
(b) Extortion
(c) Reclamation
(d) Retrieval

Q11. To have as belonging to one; own.
(a) To dominate
(b) To possess
(c) To abandon
(d) To hog

Q12. A factory, where workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.
(a) Impalpable
(b) Outset
(c) Bloomy
(d) Sweatshop

Q13. To regard with disgust and hatred.
(a) Tease
(b) Abhor
(c) Ridicule
(d) Sneer

Q14. To reveal the true, objectionable nature of someone
(a) To betray
(b) To forsake
(c) To expose
(d) To delude

Q15. To officially register as a member of an institution
(a) To muster
(b) To enroll
(c) To institutionalize
(d) To officiate


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