Dear Students,

Practice is the only key to polish one's preparation and to avoid repeating the mistakes. Either you are preparing for SSC CGL, CHSL, JE or any exam conducted by SSC, English is a very important section. Solving quizzes on daily basis can improve your fluency of understanding this section to the utmost. SSC CGL Tier 2 is is to be held from 17 Feb to 22 Feb 2018. English holding 200 questions in CGL Tier 2 can either make or break your chances of getting your dream job. Today, in this English quiz we are providing One Word Substitution Quiz which has its own importance in English Section. Attempt this quiz and learn effectively  We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.

Directions (1-15): Out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence in the question

Q1. Free from difficulties
(a) Eloquence
(b) Extricate
(c) Ewe
(d) Dodo

Q2. A dramatic performance
(a) Masque
(b) Matins
(c) Cosmocrat
(d) Bronco

Q3. A person who loves art
(a) Philatelist
(b) Jibe
(c) Philomuse
(d) Lamster

Q4. Shot remaining end of cigarette
(a) Stub
(b) Hebetude
(c) Chthonic
(d) Epigram

Q5. A flower which is star shaped
(a) Slough
(b) Aster
(c) Garrison
(d) Conjuror

Q6. A bad-tempered person
(a) Splenetic
(b) Gust
(c) Goose
(d) Choppy

Q7. Not to be considered serious
(a) Draper
(b) Derisory
(c) Harridan
(d) Heifer

Q8. Country under the protection of a more powerful country.
(a) Protectorate
(b) Scrimmage
(c) Scurry
(d) Hireling

Q9. A rich, creamy soup typically made with shellfish.
(a) Purgative
(b) Bisque
(c) Capsize
(d) Lope

Q10. A line of animals or slaves fastened or driven along together.
(a) Curmudgeon
(b) Coffle
(c) Cortege
(d) Patrilineal

Q11. A person who is slow to learn
(a) Emblazon
(b) Gillie
(c) Hag
(d) Dunce

Q12. Customs and habits of a particular group.
(a) Mores
(b) Mendicant
(c) Reveille
(d) Seer

Q13. Take great pleasure
(a) Stevedore
(b) Revel
(c) Subpoena
(d) Rattle

Q14. One who lives cheaply and spends little
(a) Scrimp
(b) Trousseau
(c) Soprano
(d) Truss

Q15. A thin and homeless child
(a) Velodrome
(b) Drover
(c) Waif
(d) Wrath

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